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I shouldn't need to explain the story seeing as how we're starting from the beginning of the anime.

It is up to the Seimei player if we start with some backlogging of previous history or just straight at school.

But! This is to explain why everyone has journals.

Nagisa - sensei and Ritsu - sensei set up these journals for their ghters to keep tabs on each other and so they can keep tabs on their previous students/creations. I know this defeats the purpose for when the zero's run away from Nagisa but I hope to downplay that a little so that we can keep up with the battling even after the situation. (Or the Zero's can run away and join Ritsu's side >D) Anyway all that story can be ironed out as we get to it.

The other characters have LJ's because it's the new "in" thing going around and it just so happens that all the people in that area have their LJ's linked up (via some new LJ technology to meet people) thus everyone starts off already having contact with everyone else.

It is up to you whether you want to post public, private or filtered entries. Please just remember to label them.

And have fun.

Remember ANY KIND OF LOGGING WHATSOEVER is posted to the main comm and character journals are just that. Journals.

Enjoy and have fun everyone.
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