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This is an AIM-log based Livejournal community. That being said I have some rules I'm going to state.

There are no minimum posting requirements because this is supposed to be fun and not some kind of homework.

Character Journals
Every character is to own a character journal. Now there are some specifics about this journal. Please use avatars which relate to your character or are your character so as to not confuse people. And this is to be a diary-type livejournal. It means you have to type in character and cybering-type actions aren't allowed unless your character seems the type to do so. For example, Soubi doesn't use emoticons and Ritsuka won't type entries containing "*smiles happily*".

The journal is a place for your character to record his/her thoughts to share with the rest of the community or a place just to type about their day at school/work whatever.

That being said, comment replies to journals are just that, comment replies. You don't reply RP-script action replies.

Comment Reply examples
Good reply: Soubi, I saw you outside today. I don't know what you're up to but I order you to stop doing that!
Bad reply: *fumes* SOUBI! *stares angrily* I don't know what you're up to but I order you to stop doing that!

Journal entry example: I don't understand! How did this happen?! Something is definitely wrong with Soubi. I don't even know if it was Soubi but he looked like Soubi. I know there are imposters on t he net but how is it possible to have imposters in real life? It doesn't make sense. That had to be Soubi but...he didn't act like it and...

I don't know what's going on. I don't want to see Soubi. I don't want..I don't know what I want.

This is stupid. Everything is stupid.

Another Aoyagi Ritsuka on the net. Soubi acting strange. Next everyone else will be acting strange too.

Why is this happening...Seimei why did you leave. Everything started going strange when you left. I swear you can't be dead. It can't have been you in my chair that day.

It's first person and written much like how you would write about your own day in life. So not actual real-time actions or the such, that is all done through logging. Just imagine your character sitting in front of the computer and typing...which is what the situation actually is. =3

The logic behind this being that character journals are typed by the character while they are on their personal computer and actions like that make them seem out of character as it is "cybering".

There are two ways of logging in this community. Character journals are strictly to act as journals thus all logs are to be posted into the community itself. And please make clear in the subject heading what kind of log you are making. Subject : Battle or Subject : Log

The first way of logging is 3rd person AIM logging. Sorry script logging isn't allowed as this community likes to get the effect of story writing/story telling. Much like a group fanfiction project. You can read the community to see the stories behind characters and then click into friends to see into their minds and get how they feel about certain situations and then see IC feedback on those thoughts from other characters. You can comment on character journals without participating in the actual RP as long as you set your comment with the Subjectline saying OOC.

3rd Person Logging: Pale lips eased upwards at the first ring of his phone. Looks like Ritsuka was ready to talk. Turning around swiftly and letting his hair and coat catch in the wind, --two rings-- his feet carried him back toward the house --three rings-- in light, rapid strides. --Four, five rings-- With relative ease the graceful blonde leapt onto the balcony, and noiselessly he landed as he flipped open the phone on its 6th ring and brought it to his ear. Smoothly he pulled open the glass pane, and drew the curtain aside to step into the room, letting the golden afternoon light spill over his slim contour and stain the room tangerine. Lips pulled back into a languid grin as he spoke.

"You called, Ritsuka?"

A sharp gaze was shot towards the glass door as he heard it open. He was this close already? Ritsuka felt himself flush, drop his phone and scramble on the bed for a moment quickly finding and wrapping a scarf back around his neck. Hopefully he was able to accomplish this before Soubi noticed what he was up to. Cold…just cold, that was it. Ritsuka bit his lower lip and wondered to himself for a moment at what he would tell the other.
Script Logging:
Soubi : *grins as his phone rings and turns back towards Ritsuka's window, leaping up gracefully to enter into his room.
Ritsuka: *glances up at his door, shocked as Soubi enters. He scrambles to find the scarf which he had left on the bed earlier that afternoon* Soubi!

Now like I said there are two ways of logging. The first one is one on one logging through AIM and then the log is posted in to the community under an LJ cut. Details to be included in the post before the LJ cut are to be : Players involved, short description, episode we're up to. Original characters can be involved from wherever in the RP as long as they don't interact with the characters during actual anime scenes. Behind the scenes RP logs can be done in any way the player wants as long as it slots into the anime without disruption to the original story line.

The second way of logging is 3rd person comment style in the actual community. This is for people who want to do RP's involving more than 2 characters and it's hard to get everyone together on AIM to log it (that and chat AIM logging is slow and painful because of the character limits for each chatter.) In this case you make a post into the actual community itself.

Players: This is where you type the people you want involved in the RP
Situation:: Give a brief explanation of the location and why this situation occured.
LJ-Cut: the poster types the first tag under an LJ cut and begins the RP.
All replies to the RP's in this format are to be done with the "post comment" option and never "reply comment" so that it flows straight down and is easy to read. Thus people who visit the community don't have to wade through comments to pick up a story and everyone has more fun. It'll be a little harder as players need to check back to see if their tag was replied to but it's more worth it. And it'll be easier on me to compile a log to repost in the community afterwards.

The lure of this community is that the players are able to battle each other. During the storyline, characters and original characters will be pit against each other in spell battles. The storyline battles will be played out as they are with extras. Meaning you can throw in an extra spell here or there. Spells are to be cast as they are in the anime, meaning the character declares the spell and then a short description of what happens follows. Use your imaginations, this will turn out great.

Spell battles not in the storyline are decided ultimately by a player/watcher vote to see who will win. After a battle has gone on for long enough, I'll put up a poll for the people to vote. That way the battles don't become endless and boring and everyone gets a fair chance to win.

Spell battles are all done through LJ Rping via the above format except the RP style doesn't have to be as descriptive and it's all in the name of imagination. Try to be as creative with the spells as you can. (Smut spells aren't creative, they are tasteless.)

The mod characters Ritsu and Nagisa will be posting mandatory spell battles between characters once in a while although your characters are allowed to declare spell battles between each other. I will be keeping up a tally post on wins and losses on a regular basis so please play away.
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