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Application Post - Anime characters

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Please refer to the main entry post to see which characters are still available.

All comments are screened so everyone has a fair chance and please make sure your characters are IC and you've read the rules post. I will not tolerate people who break the rules and people who don't understand this RP style.

To apply:
Character you are applying for
Example of a diary entry something you would post in your diary journal. (Dear diary, this happened today)
Example of an RP entry : So we can see what style of writing you lose when you do you AIM logging. Remember this is a 3rd person log community, like fiction writing not script. Please see the examples in the rules post.
The examples can be as long or as short as you like. I will not decline your entry because you only type a coupla sentences. Everyone needs a chance to grow and learn this RP style and I'm willing to accept beginners as long as you understand how to play.

Once you've been accepted, I will contact you to get contact details and ask you to create a character journal to join the RP.

The RP will begin once we have sufficient characters to start delving into the story. Which will hopefully be quite soon.
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