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Players: ritsu_research and eleganceunbound
Rating: R
Takes Place: In the past before episode 1 after the memory Soubi has of Ritsu teaching him about the weakness of the Zero's...this is where Agatsuma Soubi loses his ears.

.He sat quietly at his desk that day, the blinds drawn until only a smattering of light entered the room. Ritsu watched the soft blue butterflies as they hovered around the petri dishes on his desk. He watched them feed. Butterflies didn't live long, their lifespan was long enough so that they may reproduce but Ritsu's butterflies would fight against it. They would battle and survive against all odds. A soft smirk crossed his expression as he picked up one of the deceased butterflies, surgically pushing a pin through its wings so that they're spread and creating a small glass case for it.

The summon for Soubi had only gone out just a few moments ago and it never took long for his top student to heed his comment. Soubi was very obedient and always willing to learn. Unlike his partner. Ritsu's eyes narrowed at the thought of Seimei but he quickly brushed that thought aside. He only needed Soubi. Agatsuma..Soubi.

As usual, Seimei had tried to detain him, telling him he shouldn't bother with Ritsu's commands; Soubi would have none of it. He hurried down the hallways to the teacher's office, determined to do as he asked. Please him. Seek his approval. He always did, he couldn't help it; it took quite a bit to see a smirk or smile of approval on the man's lips and Soubi sought it eagerly, and always recieved. Upon reaching the door, he knocked quietly, waiting for permission to enter.

"Enter." The deep monotone voice called out as he heard the knock. Good, he was here already. Ritsu finished off cleaning the specimen that was before him and stood from his seat. He waited for the door to open and made sure that the boy had entered and was watching him before he placed the specimen up on a ledge, clearly for Soubi to see. It was how he wanted to his students to be. Ritsu wanted Soubi to be elegant and beautiful but strong enough not to be crushed. He had to learn to contain himself in a way that would withstand anything. "How are you feeling today, Soubi-kun?"

The boy opened the door and automatically straightened himself, the sureness but calm flowing of movement coming easily to himself now, as if he were presenting himself for Ritsu to see what his training had created. Stepping inside, he shut the door behind him, standing quietly and lifting his eyes towards the butterfly, gazing at it with inquisitive blue eyes. Always trying to learn something from those butterflies his sensei had around his room. "I'm fine, Sensei," he murmured softly, moving his gaze to Ritsu, wondering why he had called him here.

"Lock the door, Soubi." The soft commanding voice filled the room for a moment before it died down once again into a silence. It's maybe time to take Soubi into the final phase of his training. A phase that he would never put Seimei through purely because he wasn't special enough to receive such treatment. Ritsu knew that the other students thought Ritsu was favouring Soubi and he wasn't denying that he was. But Ritsu doubted any other student had the resilience or control to withstand the training that Soubi had.

Soubi blinked, slightly surprised at the sudden command, but turned easily and did as he was told, fingers turning the lock. He turned and looked back at Ritsu, looking at him questionally, and took a step towards him. "Sensei? Why did you call me here..?" He expected Ritsu to do the kind of training he did the other day, using that whip that his back had struggled to heal from. But, even then, he hadn't locked the door. This was different.

“Shirt, Soubi.” The teacher spoke almost methodically, preparing everything that he needed to prepare for today’s private lesson. Only Soubi is important enough to receive this kind of treatment and one day he would come back to Ritsu and thank him for it. Guaranteed. This would cement their bond forever, even if all other bonds failed. Ritsu moved gracefully towards the heating controls of the room and turned up the temperature to a comfortable setting for the body and turned back to look at the young man who was in the room with him. “A special lesson today.”

The boy blinked, taken off guard for a moment. Maybe this was like his other lessons, like with the whip. Doing as he was told, he removed his shirt and laid it aside, slender fingers combing out his silky mane of hair from his face. His ears twitched from curiousity, flattening slightly as Ritsu said this would be a 'special' lesson. "How will it be special, Ritsu-sensei?" Soubi asked, tilting his head as he looked at the teacher. Not that it would matter either way what it was--he would do as Ritsu asked, regardless of the circumstances.

“In battles you must be elegant and alert. You must be strong and emotionless so you do not pity your opponent.” Ritsu moved over towards Soubi as he spoke, his fingers reaching out and gently stroking the tip of the soft furry ears, almost lovingly as he continued to speak. “All your senses must be tuned to your surroundings so every effect of each spell is noticed and countered.” The fingers moved away from the ears and removed the glasses from the face of the teacher, putting them down carefully on the table. “Today, we tune up the last of the senses that we haven’t touched…and we take the final step.” Ritsu walked back around the table and sat down on the large chair behind it, his hands clasping in front of him and hiding the bottom half of his face.

“Today, Soubi, to make you the ultimate fighter, we make you a man. I will teach you emotions that all other children will never learn and never understand. To give you a power that only you can wield.” The strong gaze watched him without falter. “Do you object?”

It was hard to resist the gentle attention Ritsu gave him and his ears flicked towards his hand, flattening in disappointment when he moved away. Frowning, Soubi took in his words, realization slowly dawning upon him as to what Ritsu was asking of him. At least, some realization. He wasn't naive, by any standard of the word--he had heard others talk, including Seimei. But, 'making him a man' could have so many different meanings. It wouldn't be that, would it? His teacher wouldn't go that far. He regarded Ritsu silently for a moment before shaking his head slightly. "I don't completely understand, but I don't object. I.. trust you, Ritsu-sensei. You know what is best." The prospect of having more power, more strength to protect his sacrifice, and the thought of pleasing Ritsu by following his orders excited him. He would be the perfect fighter, if he just obeyed his teacher.

Ritsu paused for a moment, contemplating what he was about to do and watched Soubi as the boy seemed to stand to attention no matter what happened. He was very obedient and very well trained. Perfection. Reaching into the top drawer of his desk, the man pulled out a black cloth and a small velvet bag of small instruments which he wasn’t going to reveal to Soubi for now. Trust…was very important. And what he was about to do might violate some of the trust Soubi placed in him but it was for the greater good. For research and for power.

Soubi would never be able to desert him after this, even if he wanted to. Something would always bring him back. Taking purposely slow strides, Ritsu moved around behind Soubi and gently tied the blindfold over his eyes, covering them from the light completely. He paused for a moment, waiting for the other senses to kick in before speaking. “How do you feel?”

Soubi eyed the bag, but didn't ask questions. Instead, he stood quietly as the blindfold was tied around his eyes, his cat ears flicking backwards towards the sound of Ritsu's voice. "A little anxious," he admitted quietly, realizing for the first time that he was clenching his fingers into his palms from tension. He couldn't help but be a little nervous; he wasn't sure what Ritsu had planned, and as much as he trusted him, excitement and curiousity still gave his body a rush. "Ritsu-sensei.. You're going to explain everything.. Right?"

What was there to explain? Reaching deftly into the bag on the table, a pair of round rings were plucked out and tightened around both wrists of the young man. “Will you miss your ears…?” The teacher whispered softly into the ears of his student as a small wire was attached to both rings, securing Soubi’s hands so they were unable to move away from each other. Holding the restrained hands in one of his own, Ritsu leaned down and pressed a soft kiss onto the soft fur that was sitting on top of Soubi’s head.

Behind the blindfold, Soubi felt his eyes widen. So--it was that, afterall! He couldn't stifle a soft gasp as he felt his wrists restrained and out of instinct, tested the bonds, seeing how tight they were. His felt his body tremble slightly, his composure slipping as he felt Ritsu's lips, and in a whisper he responded, "I.. It doesn't matter.. But.. Ritsu-sensei.. Why..?" As soon as those words escaped, he wished he could take them back. He should never question his teacher. This was part of his training, Soubi had heard what Ritsu had said, but it was just so hard for the boy's mind to grasp. This was very different than the other times he had been trained.

A soft grin played over Ritsu’s features, the need to hide such expressions lost as Soubi was in a blindfold. He moved away from Soubi, putting a stop to all physical touch. “To win battles you must have knowledge on every aspect.” His voice became softer as he spoke, almost as if he were deciding to not take this step after all. Was this fighter ready? “You can’t expect to enter a field of adults as a child. Sacrifices must be strong to take damage and issue orders but ultimately the fighter issues the orders. The fighter must have a clear mind on every issue and he must take control. You can have a battle without a sacrifice but not without a fighter.” He paused, watching Soubi and whatever reaction he might make to the words he just spoke.

Visibly, the young fighter hesitated, feeling Ritsu step away. He longed for the comfort a simple touch brought and suddenly, he felt very exposed and alone, standing blindfolded and bound. He could sense his teacher but couldn't feel him and for some reason that unnerved him. Not wanting to show that weakness, however, Soubi took a slow, shaky breath and steadied himself, forcing himself to calm and listen to his teacher. "I understand, Sensei," he said quietly after Ritsu had paused. And in a way, he did; Ritsu was correct in what he said, it was just still difficult for his young mind to grasp that Ritsu was going to.. take away his ears. A soft flush fell on his cheeks and Soubi desperately willed away the unnecessary emotion. He was a fighter; a strong one. That's why he was getting this attention, that's why he needed it; to get even stronger. He shouldn't be embarrassed or unsure.

Impressed by the way Soubi handled the situation, Ritsu moved forward and slid his arms gently around the other body, holding him gently from behind. “You’re almost perfection.” The words slipped quietly from his lips as he leaned down quietly, brushing soft kisses over the back of the fighter’s neck, suckling gently in some places just for some extra sensation. This was part of research but also something very important. He would make this perfect for Soubi…and himself.

Moving around the boy quietly, Ritsu smiled softly to himself, leaning down and pressing his lips gently upon his students, allowing their breaths to gently mingle and the warmth to pass between the two surfaces. Moving his hand up slowly, Ritsu traced a quiet pattern over the strong young chest in front of him. The perfect fighter in every aspect.

Feeling Ritsu's arms around him once more, he leaned back into the warm body, his ears flattening slightly as his words. Only almost perfect? His mind was distracted, however, when he felt Ritsu's lips on his skin, a few quiet gasps escaping. He didn't expect something would feel this.. nice. In spite of his inward protests, Soubi felt his flush deepening as he felt Ritsu's lips on his. The hand on his chest didn't help matters and the fighter suddenly wished his hands were free to.. to at least have something to grasp to. Obediently he tipped his head up to kiss his teacher back, a soft whimper escaping past parted lips. "Ritsu-sensei.." Soubi murmured, almost pleading, but for what he didn't know.

Keeping the soft lips ensnared with his own, Ritsu’s experienced hands moved down to the button of the young man’s pants, unsnapping the clasp gently. He rested his hands on the boy’s waist for a moment, a short pause as he lifted his lips away from the boy’s, leaning in close to his ear instead and sucking on the lobe. He pondered as to what the next step would be. Ritsu spoke in a soft whisper to the boy. “Soubi…how are you feeling?”

Soubi felt his body flinch slightly as Ritsu's hands wandered lower, and he resisted the urge to shift backwards. At least he hadn't pulled his pants down yet. The young fighter felt himself pleasantly distracted from that possiblity when Ritsu's lips found his ear and he let out a soft, pleased mewl, leaning towards the touch. Now he not only wished his hands were free, but his eyes as well. "A little strange," the boy admitted, surprised at how husky his voice sounded. A 'little' strange didn't cover it; his stomach felt as if it were tied up in knots and though he was nervous about Ritsu's next move, he found himself almost wanting it.

Maneuvering the boy gently so his back was facing towards the large table, Ritsu gently but quickly slipped the remaining articles of clothing off the beautiful body in front of him. His eyes quietly admired the elegance and build of the young man. When Soubi was fully grown, he would be irresistible. Perfect. Nudging Soubi back gently, Ritsu waited until the boy nearly hit the desk before helping him up onto it, spreading his legs slightly and smiling at the display. Soubi…for now…was all his. And for the rest of the future a part of him will always belong to Ritsu. He leaned over gently, a soft warm breath brushing over the delicate skin.

In his embarrassment, Soubi nearly stumbled back onto the desk before Ritsu helped him. He shifted uncomfortably, the wood cold against his tender skin, an odd mix with the heat that he was sure radiated from his face. He knew he was blushing darkly now and he couldn't help it. The young fighter felt exposed and vulnerable and he felt himself tremble slightly as Ritsu leaned near again. "Ritsu-sensei.." He felt himself squirm slightly, trying to get comfortable, and at the same time resist the urge to close his legs. His fingers curled, trying to pick at the bonds that held his hands. Now he really was nervous.

Ritsu moved around the table and picked up Soubi’s hands, pulling them so they were up over his head. Pulling another rope from the bag, he secured the bonds to the heavy-set chair so that Soubi was unable to move his hands. “Feel everything…all the sensations…” The voice came out almost hypnotically. Moving slowly back around the desk, Ritsu leaned back down and allowed his tongue to trail slowly against the inner delicate skin of Soubi’s leg, moving up towards a more delicate…sensitive area. There was a fine line between work and play wasn’t there?

Soubi bit his lip, forcing himself not to tense up and flinch away as his hands were tied over his head. He didn't have much time to think about how vulnerable he was, how much like prey he was before he felt Ritsu's tongue on his skin. The fighter also found that it wasn't difficult to mind his teacher's words as a shiver swept through his entire body, making him moan quietly and spread his legs a bit more. It felt so dirty, but Ritsu told him to feel everything, and this way, he certainly did. His tail lashed slightly as Ritsu took his time and Soubi bit his tongue, not willing to ask for more.

The soft warmth continued to trail over Soubi’s lower region gently, playfully, whilst his fingers brushed over the other delicate skin surrounding. Very well trained, very fun to play with. Ritsu caught the tail in his hang gently and stroked it with his thumb. “Allow every emotion to overtake your body.” With those soft words, Ritsu slid his lips over his student’s hard length, his warm mouth enveloping it completely. He allowed his eyes to close softly as his hand reached out into the bag and pulled out another small object, round and short, almost shaped like a pacifier.

The young fighter, unable to keep back his voice, moaned at the sudden heat that surrounded him and his hips arched, seeking more. Oh, but he was so willing now to obey what his teacher told him, especially with what those words suggested. "Ritsu-sensei," Soubi gasped out, his ears falling limply against his head as his eyes closed behind the blindfold, revealing in the pleasure that his body hadn't known until now. "Please.. I.. I want more.."

More…? Ritsu lifted his lips from the young man’s body and slid them over the tool he had just picked up. He sucked on it, allowing soft sounds to escape into the room for Soubi to hear. A moment later his lips moved back down over Soubi’s body, taking the length completely in once more and suckling, softly at first. Simultaneously, Soubi pressed the small plug up between the cheeks of Soubi’s rear but not applying any pressure on it.

Groaning softly as he heard those sounds, Soubi wished that Ritsu's lips would return to his now neglected length and do the same. He dimly wondered what his teacher was doing as those sounds hit his ears, but he soon found out and gasped as he felt the--whatever it was--so intimately close. Soubi whimpered, his hips shifting slightly, distracted by Ritsu's lips on his desire once more but still shaken by the thing pressed up so close to him. "R..Ritsu-sensei..?" Seeking a small bit of reassurance, his tail coiled around the man's wrist.

Slight pressure was applied to the object in question as Ritsu slid Soubi slightly from between his lips, hit tongue toying with the head playfully before sliding his lips back down to the base. He continued the motion rhymically, pushing the small plug in further until it was fully inserted. A soft grin crossed Ritsu’s face. Leaving completely away from the plug Ritsu continued delicate actions on the boy’s length, faster…slower…playful…His eyes flicked up to watch Soubi’s continuous reactions as he toyed with the nerve centres.

"Ritsu-sensei..!" Soubi gasped, his body tensing at the intrusion before he realized that it would be much less painful if he simply relaxed. Gradually doing so, he let the warm of pleasure spread from his groin and other areas to the rest of his body and he moaned, louder this time and more wantonly as Ritsu continued his minstrations. Oh, god, did all of this feel good. He couldn't even bring himself to think about how this might benefit him as a fighter, and honestly, he doubted Ritsu was thinking about it either. All he cared about at the moment was how nice this felt, and Soubi could feel himself arch and squirm and pant, ask for more between ragged breaths.

The cries from Soubi’s lips were almost like music to his ears. The cries… desperate pleas for more. Ritsu allowed himself to continue pleasuring Soubi until he could almost feel the young man nearing his peak and then pulled away abruptly, leaving him hoping for more. It only took a few seconds for Ritsu to move around the desk and pull up the blindfold for a few moments so that Soubi could see. He smiled down at his young student. “You’re doing well.”

He whimpered as Ritsu pulled away, just when he felt the heat and pressure were getting too much. He wished it had been too much, for Ritsu to continue.. but then his blindfold was lifted away, he saw the smile on his teacher's face, and he accepted this as a better reward. "T.. thank you, Ritsu-sensei," Soubi said a little breathlessly, not feeling as self-conscious about his flushed face and touseled hair as he should have. "You're.. you're not going to stop, are you?" The young fighter asked, his eagerness obvious in his voice. The plug was still there, and his length was still achingly hard. Ritsu wouldn't leave him like this, would he?

The teacher gently untied the fighter from his position and allowed the young man to get up, watching him with a quiet gaze. Reaching into the bag once more, he pulled out a small object which he concealed in his hand from Soubi and he motioned silently for the boy to get off the table and come around to face him. “Have you …learnt anything, Soubi?” Would you be able to make me feel the same way that I made you feel. Ritsu watched the boy quietly…on the verge of becoming a man. One day, he wondered who’s ears Soubi would choose to take for himself.

Absently, Soubi rubbed at his wrists, thankful that the restrains hadn't began chafing just yet. He slid off the desk and approached his teacher, hesitate, feeling slightly awkward from the tight knots off pleasure that still twisted in his belly. "I.. yes.. I have.. but.. I can't really.. put it into words, Sensei, if that's what you mean.." He lifted his eyes, seeking approval, hoping he had said the right thing. He just prayed this wasn't the stop of this lesson; not when everything had felt so wonderful already.

Ritsu’s eyes focused on Soubi quietly as two quiet words slipped from his lips. “Show me.” He wondered absently if Soubi would be able to show him, but he would be richly rewarded if he could. It was almost time…almost time to make his precious student his most precious. His first complete creation and a success rate for his research. Soubi would be the best fighter ever created.

The young fighter's eyes widened slightly, unable to keep back the reaction. Show him? Certainly Ritsu didn't mean--Soubi felt himself blushing, realizing that was exactly what Ritsu meant, and without protest, he nodded, taking a few more steps towards his teacher, his fingers tentatively sliding down the slender but strong chest, undoing the buttons of his shirt. Carefully, he pushed it back and leaned in, his teeth gently scraping over one nipple before his tongue and lips followed, suckling as his hands drifted down to Ritsu's pants. Soubi hesitated, pulling his mouth away and looking up at Ritsu quickly as his hand hovered over the zipper. "Is it.. really okay, Ritsu-sensei?" he asked softly, hoping he wasn't doing the wrong thing.

A sharp intake of breath was all could be heard from Ritsu as he felt soft hands and lips on his body. “Mm…” He nodded for the boy to continue. Just enough to show me what you can do…Soubi-kun. He felt his breathing speed up slightly from the light timid touch. And then we can take the final step. Ritsu smiled softly, his hands moving down to help Soubi in the removal of his clothing,

Reassured, the boy's hands continued a little more confidantly, carefully tugging down Ritsu's pants. His fingers lingered tentatively along his inner thigh and, wanting to show his teacher exactly what he could do, he slid to his knees in front of him, slender fingers resting on Ritsu's hips as Soubi leaned in, his tongue tracing the man's length, toying with it.

A soft moan filled the room as Ritsu smiled quietly to himself. Definitely the top student, Soubi has already begun to learn how to please and he’s only experienced this for the first time. A soft hand dropped down onto Soubi’s head, patting him quietly to reassure that he’s doing a fine job. A satisfied smirk expressed itself on the man’s face. “You learn fast…”

Ritsu's soft touch and approving words made him want to please him even more, and eagerly he slid his lips around the man's length, slowly taking him into the warmth of his mouth. He let his tongue slide around him as his teacher had done to him, not teasing him really, but seeking out what made him make more of those sounds he had before.

His eyes fluttered closed as the pleasure overtook his body slowly, the tingling spreading through all his senses. Soubi was such a wonderful…student. Continuing the small touches of reassurance, the man pushed a small button on the device that he had previously concealed in his hand, the remote attached to the small plug he had previously left in Soubi’s body. As his body trembled softly with the pleasure, the small plug began to let off small but strong vibrations. He wondered just how much it would take to pause the young student.

For a moment, his fingers compulsively dug into Ritsu's hips, clawing slightly as the sensations sent waves of pleasure through his body and straight to the throbbing desire between his legs. His mind all but screamed for him to just pull away and enjoy it, but Soubi forced himself to focus on the task at hand. He pulled his head back, his breath slightly ragged and washing warmly over his teacher's length as he suckled on the head of it, his tongue flicking over the very tip as he continued to work on steadying his own trembling body.

He allowed a louder moan to brush past his lips and fill the room as the waves of pleasure increased. Ritsu idly stroked the remote and increased the level of vibration as a reward to his young student. Soon, it would be time. This would be just a prequel to what was going to be felt. Ritsu’s head rolled back slightly as his eyes closed, allowing the sensations to completely take over for the moment. He allowed his other hand to continue stroking the boy’s ears gently, a soft smile present on his face.

He couldn't suppress a whimper, his ears flattening beneath his teacher's hand as he turned his head away, resting it against Ritsu's thigh. Oh, he shouldn't be able to give in this easily, but how could he not when it felt so good? Soubi panted softly, trying to regain control of his body again, but the tremors of pleasure wouldn't pass and he swore if this went on much longer, he would loose himself. "R..Ritsu-sensei.." he whispered shakily, looking up at him with pleading blue eyes. "I.. I can't take this much longer.."

Ritsu smiled softly down at the boy, turning off the vibration and gently helping the boy to his feet. “You did well.” He spoke quietly. Only Soubi gets praises from him and for now only Soubi. No other student is ever strong enough to reach this far into the process. Turning the boy and applying pressure to his shoulders so that his student would bend over the table, Ritsu pulled a small tube from the drawer of the desk. After squeezing some of the contents onto his finger, the man reached down gently, pulling the small plug from the young fighter’s body and applying some of the cold gel at the same time.

Relaxing slightly at the smile and praise Ritsu gave him, Soubi did as he was urged, bending over the table. He gasped as he felt the plug removed and bit his lower lip as he felt the feeling of fingers and cold gel replacing it, making his body flinch slightly and making him grasp at the table helplessly. It felt different, unusual, but at the same time, he wanted more. Hoping it was the reaction Ritsu was looking for, he arched back slightly, signaling his eagerness.

Ritsu leaned over his student quietly, whispering softly as he pushed the head of his length up against the small opening. “Say goodbye to your ears, Soubi.” At first he pushed gently, allowing the opening to become large enough to enter, a soft moan escaping his own lips as he felt himself being encircled once again by warmth. As he felt himself entering safely, the man pushed hard and fast into the young body, a soft grunt following the action, his hands holding tight around small hips.

Soubi's eyes widened at the words and his fingers curled back into his palms, eyes seeing nothing for several seconds as he felt himself being filled. His back arched, tense and uncomfortable at the fast penetration, his breathing harsh and ragged until he forced himself to calm. Telling himself that if he relaxed, it would feel good. As he did relax, he was right in his assumptions, and let out a quiet moan, letting his head fall back against Ritsu's chest, lips parted as he breathed in slowly. "R-ritsu.."

Leaning down slightly, Ritsu nibbled gently on the soft fur of the ears which were now beginning to lose feeling for Soubi. It would take a few days for the ears to finally leave the body but letting him feel some final sensations from the area might soothe him slightly. Allowing a hand to leave Soubi’s waist, Ritsu gently reached up and played with a strand of the young man’s hair, whispering softly. “Do you feel any different?” He allowed himself to slip a little ways out of the young body before pushing in deeply once more.

The young fighter moaned again, louder this time as Ritsu struck something that sent a heated wave of pleasure throughout his entire body. Blindly, he grasped at the desk, his fingernails almost gauging into the wood as he arched himself back to answer the thrust. Soubi struggled for a moment to become coherent, his eyes clouded with pleasure, his voice husky when he murmured, "Numb.. my ears.. and tail.. they're numb.. a-and.." He searched for the words to describe what he felt like, but it was impossible, especially in a time like this. He certainly did feel different, though, and he tipped his head back a little more, trying to meet Ritsu's eyes and plead with his own so he would believe that.

A soft moan mirrored Soubi’s as Ritsu continued his actions, increasing the pace slightly as time passed. Leaning down, the teacher captured his student’s lips with his own softly, his tongue snaking out to brush over his lips, asking for access. His eyes closed as he allowed the sensations to completely take over, allowing his body to dictate the pace and strength of his pumping. Soubi was his now, everything it belonged to him. It didn’t matter that Seimei was his fighter. This was a different bond of its own.

Rather eagerly, Soubi parted his lips, kissing the man back and letting his mouth swallow the soft moans and panting that were elicited from him as time went on. He couldn't stop his body from rocking back to meet each and every thrust of Ritsu's hips, and at the moment, he didn't even care that his ears and tail were almost completely numb on his body, worthless appendages now. And most of all, Seimei wasn't even on his mind at the moment. All he wanted right now was more of these sensations, more of Ritsu's warm skin against his own.

Speeding up the actions once again, Ritsu ran his tongue playfully around the boy’s mouth, teasing him and arousing himself. His hands moved back down to the hips of the young love in front of him, applying more support as he pushed harder and deeper with each stroke, soft grunts and moans escaping between the lips which sought each other. He felt the pleasure building up in his body and welcomed it, the moans filling the room, not caring if other people heard the commotion.

His own moans turned into excited mewls and soft cries as Ritsu struck deeper and harder each time, making his back arch and his hips strain, seeking friction. Soubi panted into the man's mouth, groans and whimpers becoming louder and more frenzied as his own body ached for release. Hungry for more, he wished Ritsu's hand would touch him, just to give him a little bit more, but he couldn't bring his incoherent mind to beg for it at the moment.

As he felt himself nearing his own peak, Ritsu’s hand moved quietly over to the boy’s neglected length, running over it gently before encircling it completely, his hands moving in a way that mirrored what he, himself was feeling. He felt himself moaning louder, losing whatever control he had over any of himself. The teacher moved softly away from the boy’s lips, leaving butterfly kisses along his jaw and around his neck. Slowly, he moved towards the boy’s ear, sucking on the soft skin.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Soubi came with a cry that was Ritsu's name, his hips rocking shamelessly into the teacher's hand, prolonging his pleasure as he braced back against the strong body behind him for support. His eyes closed in pleasure and his head fell back against the man's shoulder, soft whimpers and moans escaping at his continued touches.

Not long after Soubi, the man felt himself reach his own peak, the warmth flooding into the boy’s body as Ritsu allowed himself to let go. His arms wrapped around the other’s small body as he pulled out gently and picked him up, sitting down into the chair with Soubi on his lap. He held the fighter gently in his arms and whispered softly. “Welcome to the world of battles. It gets harder the further you go. There’s always a place for you here.” He had said more than he had originally intended but that’s alright. Ritsu gazed quietly at the man that he was holding in his arms.

It took several moments for him to shake away the continued trembles that went through his body, but finally he relaxed and settled back into Ritsu's arm, his head resting lazily against his chest. Soubi blinked at the last thing Ritsu had said, but decided not to comment on it. Some things were best left unsaid. "..I understand, Ritsu-sensei." Tentatively, he reached up to touch his ears, and frowned to himself when he felt nothing from doing so. It was strange to think he wouldn't have them soon.

A soft chuckle escaped him. Ritsu can still remember when he lost his ears…the initial feeling was so frightening. “Are you beginning to regret…?” His voice regained its usual deep, controlled tone but the emotion in his eyes now showed more concern than the usual lack of emotion. Ritsu ran a soft finger along his student’s jawline. Soubi was different. He was special.

Immediately, Soubi shook his head. "No, of course not, Sensei.. It's just.." He grinned wryly, but when he looked up at the man, his smile faded as he saw the concern in his teacher's eyes and his voice softened. "..It's just a little weird.. to.. you know.. think they won't be there."

On impulse, the man leaned down and pressed a soft kiss onto the other’s lips. “If you don’t feel right… I can loan you some fakes.” You can’t tell anyone it was me. The words almost attached themselves onto the end of the sentence but he bit them back. It was up to Soubi to decide that on his own. He ran a hand through Soubi’s hair, trying to untangle some of the strands. “I have a bathroom attached, you can get yourself looking presentable again when you feel ready.”

The impulse startled him, but he didn't protest nor show it. Instead, he kissed his teacher back gently before tipping his head away. "No.. It's okay, Sensei. I'll be fine." Soubi hesitated, knowing what Ritsu wanted to say, but was surprised when he didn't. Not that he would tell anyone, anyway; it was his own secret, let them guess at who took Agatsuma Soubi's ears. He let out a quiet murmur of contentedness when Ritsu touched his hair and he mumbled, "I don't want to right now.."

“It’s okay…you can stay here as long as you like.” He had cancelled all his faculty appointments that afternoon anyhow. Shifting a little in his seat, Ritsu held the small body closer to him, allowing them to trade the warmth between them. It was an excuse enough for his mind even though the room was warm enough for them both to feel comfortable. He was not getting attached to one student, no preferential treatment, definitely not. A part of him argued that he was becoming too attached but for now…that didn’t matter. He’d learn to let go later.
* * *