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RP LOG: Locked to Kouri + Akebi

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He didn't know why he was here. He wasn't supposed to be here. He should have walked right by this park without stopping. No, he shouldn't have even gone home the same way as this park at all.

But he had gone home that way, he had stopped in that park, and yes, he was here.

Apparently, she wasn't. He'd thought he'd heard her voice, but maybe that was just because it was in his head so much.

Kouri didn't frown, but his big gray flattened themselves a little in disappointment.

[OOC: Check the comments for the rest of this entry, sorry for the fact that this is split into more than one part my comp at home is just so finicky with the connection, I cant make long posts so I had to break this up by commenting on my own entry *grumbles*]

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On August 4th, 2005 08:13 pm (UTC), shadesofgray_1 commented:
reply part 1 of 2
Again, they must have looked quite the odd pair with the energetic girl nuzzling the awkward stone faced boy. He briefly wondered if there was a polite or appropriate way to respond to this, but ultimately figured doing nothing was the safest.

He hadn't thought he'd sounded very good but apparently she still wanted him to join her in finishing the line. He hesitated for a moment. It wasn't so much embarrassment, or, maybe it was. He didn't know, he almost never felt embarrassed so he didn't really know what it felt like. He definetely still felt funny though. Like those inner ladybugs were actually a swarm of frightened butterflies struggling to break free.

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