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battle_oujimasu's Journal

Loveless : I declare a spell battle {RP}
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Welcome to the world of Loveless.

The aim of this community is to slowly work through the anime from beginning to end, exploring the characters and figuring out behind the scenes story lines as well as to continue past the series once we reach the end and play the characters to their full extent. Original characters are allowed as we intend to full explore the world of Loveless.

Thus, you have to have watched the anime. It doesn't have to be exact in detail as the aim of this community is fun but somewhat close would be great.

This is not a smut-filled comm. There are plenty of those around. Please keep the characters as In Character as possible. But smut is allowed, don't get me wrong. It just has to be done in nice amounts not get OOC.

This is also a Loveless Battle Community. All rules can be found here. There are two types of applications; one for already existing characters in the anime, and another for original characters. Yes, we do condone and encourage the use of original characters, and details regarding that can be found under rules. And once you've joined, a post containing all player details and an easy way to add all character journals can be found here

If you are a new player joining our community further on in the game, Ritsu is a memory keeper for the events that have happened in the community. If you check under his memories, he should have a record of all that has happened. (Provided I don't get lazy which I shouldn't. ~Mei)

Player List
Aoyagi Ritsuka - nekomiao on lovelesacrifice
Agatsuma Soubi - galigaligaliko on eleganceunbound
Aoyagi Seimei
Kio - bluestraggler on lollipopluv
Natsuo - fleetingly on zero_natsuo
Youji - psycoegyptian69 on zero_youji
Nakano Yamato - sugaahcube on nakano_yamato

Original Character List
Kouri shadesofgray_1 - Stainless - Nagisa Army - played by mendokuse
Akebi stainless_akebi - Stainless - Nagisa Army - played by nekomiao

Hajime Sora - Heartless - Ritsu Army - played by arisato pending
Sanada Shigeki sanadashigeki - Heartless - Ritsu Army - played by whisperinghope

Mods : nekomiao (Ritsu on ritsu_research) and bluestraggler (Nagisa on angionebisque )