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Application Post - Original Characters

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Modship sama bluestraggler has announced that she is willing to draw avatars for original characters according to your description. Thus we can enforce the "use avatars relating to your character rule."

Anyway...this is where you apply for an Original Character. This application will be slightly more complicated as you need to make sure your character is well rounded.

Name of your OC
Pairing name for your OC: You may join the comm as a solo sacrifice / fighter and look for a pairing later however you can't join a battle until have a pairing. If you decide to do this then you can pick a pairing name in cooperation with your other half later on and I will update the list.
Side : Are you fighting for Me (Ritsu-sensei) or Modship Sama (bluestraggler ala Nagisa) This is to make the story more fun as they are competing in the anime, why don't we compete also. That also makes the tally results and such more interesting. If one side gets too filled with applicants, I might have to ask some people to swap to the other side.
Background Story: Please provide some background story about how you were treated and why you were created. You do not need to corroborate with us but please make them IC. Ritsu will not create some Zero's and Nagisa doesn't create Zero's as smut toys thank you.
Description of your character - for the creation of your avatar

And once again all applications are screened.
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